Welcome to Kunsthaus Waeldchen:

The studio of the music educators, musicians and composers Daniel Diestelkamp & Dorothe R. Marzinzikswitch to German
In all of our projects, we invite you to discover music in the context of other artistic expressions, as a global language beyond borders.
Through introductory and intensive seminars, we offer singers and instrumentalists to gather experience in improvised music.
With our seminars on basic aesthetic-music education, we aim to develop the everyday lives of children, educators, pedagogues and parents in a future-oriented way through music and art.

On our newly built open-air stage in spring 2021, the open arts festival takes place annually from May to September. We invite both local and international artists to a rich and diverse program featuring concerts, performances, workshops, and film screenings. You can find information about the current schedule here: open arts 2024

During the summer of 2020 we had the opportunity to create a short film about our house, our work and our vision: Kunsthaus Wäldchen 2020 – The Film.

Additionally we offer our facilities at Kunsthaus Wäldchen for your seminar offers, for ensembles and your vacation in nature and stillness.